LAST WORD On Conference Calls and Tele-Town Halls: Add Video!

filmcrew.jpgUse video! It's not that hard and it reaches people in ways that no other technology can!  It's a great audience builder.

You already know the audience you can reach via conference calls and tele-town halls.  And you know how fast you can build your audience from a standing start.  Add video, and you can quickly expand that audience reach to 2 or 3 times what you had before.  Provide good, interesting content, and you can continue building your audience far beyond that.

There are definitely situations where you need to hire a full crew as in the accompanying photo, but today it's much rarer, and having a small budget does NOT mean you should have small ambitions for employing video wisely and effectively in your campaign.

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Net Neutrality Stirring Controvery... Again.

NetNeutrality_logo.pngThe Trump administration may be moving to re-examine some aspects of the FCC's 2015 net neutrality rules, and the prospect has some net neutrality proponents moving to protect their 2015 victories with the FCC.

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True Email Engagement Is Indeed Measurable

email.engagement.jpeg(Cross-posted from Campaigns & Elections)

Many of us love digital ops in campaigns because they give us solid, auditable numbers that we can trust. Did we inspire a desirable action from the reader? Does a click mean that we produced all the action we wanted? Could we have produced a desirable (and measurable) alternate action?  

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Why decide?? Stream Everywhere.

stream0.jpgIt happens around nearly every conference table at every campaign or company (or in some anonymous basement where you're about to stream your first game session on Twitch) - the topic turns to...

which service shall we stream on?

You're planning a stream-worthy event that you suspect will get lots of viewers, and now it's time to choose your specific audience.  In many first cases, it boils down to a choice between Youtube LIVE and Facebook LIVE.


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