- Web, Big Data, Social Media, TV Production, Wordsmithing

Campaigns and savvy companies use us to produce:

  • Internet infrastructure, email, domains, security
  • Brilliant web sites
  • Worker and activist management infrastructure (secure online back-office)
  • Big Data/voter data/activist data
  • TV production & distribution
  • Social media engagement
  • Engaging wordsmithing resulting in action
  • Mass email for action and engagement
  • Streaming media TV
  • Online security planning



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  • Latest from the blog

    GOP Tech Week Blog

    Be a Good Digital Political Consumer

    We all get them.  That political email that makes you click before you think!

    Just a few days ago, it was the meme that Nancy Pelosi might win the Speaker's gavel again (although that one played out several days ago).

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    Three Non-Tech Tips To Save Work and Worry!

    Number Two Will Make Your HEAD EXPLODE! 

    Don't use all the social media tricks you've seen elsewhere to try to make your network soar.  Most don't work.  Be selective in your appeals and keep your messages in mass email short.  Put your appeals for social media action where they are most likely to be acted upon.

    All the following tips were developed from years of repeated A/B tests and will reliably and effectively help you build your audience.

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    Warning: PGP Fail in Major Email Readers

    PGPJust yesterday I released a video discussing the merits of using mainly because your system will not become littered with PGP/GPG keys and keyring files that would result in much deeper forensic scrutiny and/or cipher compromise if an adversary ever comes into possession or remote control of your phone/notebook/computer.


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