Speech-to-Text API Loses the Coding Noise, Delivers Full Function

(Full disclosure: engaged me to prepare a competitive internal review to see how their API stacked up against many other [much larger] vendors.  The results surprised me as a coder - so surprised that I asked, and was granted, their kind permission to publish this for my readers.)

So you need to convert some speech to text and you don't have time to go try to code every API out there.  Where should you start?  Well, lets start with the impressions I got when I surveyed all the major API publishers (AWS, gcloud, IBM, Microsoft, in speech-to-text.

Broad Market Overview
The first sense one gets as one begins to examine text-to-speech APIs on the big clouds, is the feeling that the big vendors want to try to lock you in to their cloud/platform in order to use their speech-to-text API.  AWS is particularly 'bad' in this sense as endpoints and API keys that actually work are very hard to find.  Microsoft's endpoints and API key were easy enough to find, but they only allow 10 seconds of audio via API (you have to use their platform tools for longer sound files).    If your project is already committed to a given cloud platform, by all means you should check that API solution out first (but a few are poorly documented so you may have trouble anyway).


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Be a Good Digital Political Consumer

We all get them.  That political email that makes you click before you think!

Just a few days ago, it was the meme that Nancy Pelosi might win the Speaker's gavel again (although that one played out several days ago).

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Three Non-Tech Tips To Save Work and Worry!

Number Two Will Make Your HEAD EXPLODE! 

Don't use all the social media tricks you've seen elsewhere to try to make your network soar.  Most don't work.  Be selective in your appeals and keep your messages in mass email short.  Put your appeals for social media action where they are most likely to be acted upon.

All the following tips were developed from years of repeated A/B tests and will reliably and effectively help you build your audience.

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Warning: PGP Fail in Major Email Readers

PGPJust yesterday I released a video discussing the merits of using mainly because your system will not become littered with PGP/GPG keys and keyring files that would result in much deeper forensic scrutiny and/or cipher compromise if an adversary ever comes into possession or remote control of your phone/notebook/computer.


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Security/Privacy Tip #4 of 4: Real Encryption -

There were a lot of headlines at the front of this week's GOP Tech Week.

  • Whatsapp's last guardian of privacy/security against owner Facebook, CEO Jan Koum, departs Facebook exec team and board.
  • Facebook is launching a blockchain division to promote sleight-of-hand dedication to privacy
  • Signal repairs MAC OS notification bug

Today we examine real encryption usng a strong tool that does not require public/private keys - just one key.  See the video for how to accomplish a good key exchange.

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Security/Privacy Tip #3: Offshore Email & Yandex

Having offshore email and using an 'offshore' browser could make you a lot safer with regard to both security and privacy.

My personal pick is Yandex.  That's the Russian form of Google (although they are traded on the NASDAQ)


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Track Your Success + Change the Culture

There was surprising response to the last post - even though I simply mentioned in passing that many GOP organizations already have the capability to track member and donor recruitment online, but many are not using it.  Nationbuilder already has it - part of the following video looks at options for adding it to your Wordpress site.

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Short Fuse: Reward for Digital Activism/Fundraising

If you are trying to change the local culture a bit for your local GOP committee, consider giving away 1, 2 or 3 of these $40 Amazon Fire tablets that include Alexa. I just noticed today that they are on sale at Amazon for only $39.99... so someone on your committee certainly has an Amazon Prime membership so you would get the shipping for free. 

Many efforts we've lent a hand in successfully got their digital/fundrasising efforts going by offering these as rewards to the best performers at their monthly party meetings.  Make a big deal about your contest at your next 2 monthly meetings, then kick off the contest period and update with regular emails.  You'll get surprising results if you promote well.

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Security Tip #2 of 4: Secure Messaging

Signal or Wickr

This is installment #2 of our four part security series, which describes the four most important security tools for you to own and use.  All are free. The first installment of the series is here

This is one of our rare articles where we'll recommend strongly that you both watch the short video and read the entire blog text.

Let's explain messaging security by asking one simple question, then examining its implications.

What if you had sent Hillary a totally innocent email? 

You are now a person of interest because of Hillary's bad security practices, attempts at evasion, and probably obstruction of justice.  You are probably not as privileged against prosecution or investigation as Hillary is...

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