Security Tip #2 of 4: Secure Messaging

Signal or Wickr

This is installment #2 of our four part security series, which describes the four most important security tools for you to own or make use of.  All are free. The first installment of the series is here

This is one of our rare articles where we'll recommend strongly that you both watch the short video and read the entire blog text.

Let's explain messaging security by asking one simple question, then examining its implications.

What if you had sent Hillary a totally innocent email? 

You are now a person of interest because of Hillary's bad security practices, attempts at evasion, and probably obstruction of justice.  You are probably not as privileged against prosecution or investigation as Hillary is...

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The secure, anonymous Tor Browser

This week, GOP Tech Week takes a look at the secure, anonymous Tor browser from the

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Social Media Toolboxes and IDE

One of the reasons we like toolboxes (whether online or in the household or at work) is because it puts all our tools in one place.  Open the toolbox, and all the tools we want are right there.   But social media people all too rarely arrange their tools so they are all easy to get to, so your project advances if you build a toolbox that's easy to get access and use for your social media activists.  You can go play with the one we discuss in this video! Yep, click it, play with it, then get it and use it on your own NB site.


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Stormy Over Nothing: Cambridge Analytica/Facebook Truth Bombs

The stormy tempests in teapots fall back further today as details emerge about how well the Cambridge Analytica (CA) models actually worked: "correlation between predicted and actual scores ... was around 30 percent (emphasis mine) for all the personality dimensions" according to Dr. Aleksandr Kogan, the data scientist/developer who actually designed the CA model.   Over 270,000 people were paid to use an app called 'This Is Your Digital Life' and it was this app that actually harvested most of the data.  He says he didn't know how CA would apply the data.


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What Facebook, Google Know About You - 1 minute!

It takes less than a minute to go to BOTH Facebook and Google and request the 'dossier' they have on you. 

Here's the exact link to Google, and here's the exact link to Facebook to make the requests.

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Surfacing the Gold on Your NB Site

Conservatives and Republicans often wonder why their Nationbuilder site (or Wordpress site) does not deliver all the social media 'miracles' that were promised at the time the site was deployed.  Here's the key for conservative sites.  We learned on a campaign that had a web site with 2 million visitors that conservatives need a little more direction and guidance to become productive with social media.  

I chose the word 'surfacing' for this article because your NB gold is very, very near to the surface.

But it's not yet at the surface where people (and especially digital activists) can see it and use it!  You need to undertake a trivial, easy lift to get it to the surface where it's usable.  OK, maybe not so trivial if you are severely tech challenged, but let's set it forth anyway...


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LAST WORD On Conference Calls and Tele-Town Halls: Add Video!

filmcrew.jpgUse video! It's not that hard and it reaches people in ways that no other technology can!  It's a great audience builder.

You already know the audience you can reach via conference calls and tele-town halls.  And you know how fast you can build your audience from a standing start.  Add video, and you can quickly expand that audience reach to 2 or 3 times what you had before.  Provide good, interesting content, and you can continue building your audience far beyond that.

There are definitely situations where you need to hire a full crew as in the accompanying photo, but today it's much rarer, and having a small budget does NOT mean you should have small ambitions for employing video wisely and effectively in your campaign.

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Net Neutrality Stirring Controvery... Again.

NetNeutrality_logo.pngThe Trump administration may be moving to re-examine some aspects of the FCC's 2015 net neutrality rules, and the prospect has some net neutrality proponents moving to protect their 2015 victories with the FCC.

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True Email Engagement Is Indeed Measurable

email.engagement.jpeg(Cross-posted from Campaigns & Elections)

Many of us love digital ops in campaigns because they give us solid, auditable numbers that we can trust. Did we inspire a desirable action from the reader? Does a click mean that we produced all the action we wanted? Could we have produced a desirable (and measurable) alternate action?  

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Why decide?? Stream Everywhere.

stream0.jpgIt happens around nearly every conference table at every campaign or company (or in some anonymous basement where you're about to stream your first game session on Twitch) - the topic turns to...

which service shall we stream on?

You're planning a stream-worthy event that you suspect will get lots of viewers, and now it's time to choose your specific audience.  In many first cases, it boils down to a choice between Youtube LIVE and Facebook LIVE.


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