Social Media Toolboxes and IDE

One of the reasons we like toolboxes (whether online or in the household or at work) is because it puts all our tools in one place.  Open the toolbox, and all the tools we want are right there.   But social media people all too rarely arrange their tools so they are all easy to get to, so your project advances if you build a toolbox that's easy to get access and use for your social media activists.  You can go play with the one we discuss in this video! Yep, click it, play with it, then get it and use it on your own NB site.


Also, digging deep to help the 'real programmers' we show you how easy it is to hook up your favorite IDE to Nationbuilder.  Ron's preference is for Eclipse Neon (but he won't share what plug-ins he uses). 

Your choices surely may vary, but regardless, hookup is easy.

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