Short Fuse: Reward for Digital Activism/Fundraising

If you are trying to change the local culture a bit for your local GOP committee, consider giving away 1, 2 or 3 of these $40 Amazon Fire tablets that include Alexa. I just noticed today that they are on sale at Amazon for only $39.99... so someone on your committee certainly has an Amazon Prime membership so you would get the shipping for free. 

Many efforts we've lent a hand in successfully got their digital/fundrasising efforts going by offering these as rewards to the best performers at their monthly party meetings.  Make a big deal about your contest at your next 2 monthly meetings, then kick off the contest period and update with regular emails.  You'll get surprising results if you promote well.

How do you measure the best performers for your digital or fundraising effort?  Well if you are on Nationbuilder (or with certain Wordpress plug-ins) you can not only easily measure, you can publish a real-time leaderboard right on your web site that will draw in more contestants - and show results in real time - just who the current leaders are. 

(Our example image below is blurred because in order to get this sale information into your hands quickly, we did not have time to check with the folks below that it was OK to publish their images... but you get the idea... a card on your web  site that recognizes and rewards your online activists for their efforts before you even bestow that great tablet on them for their efforts.)

Need to measure who the best performers are with metrics that your members will trust? Contact us: 




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