A small selection of articles...

True Email Engagement is Indeed Measureable - Campaigns and Elections
Tech Discussion

Five Tasks Redux - It's What's for Lunch - RedState
First-person report

Bi-Coastal Hackathons Reveal Depth of GOP Tech Bench - RedState

The Reel

various short works we've done over the years

Promo video for a past Fund.me video project

Grand Seaplanes promo

Invitation to 'My Father MySelf' - interviews with men about their fathers

Solicited RNC message that was really fun...

A very old message from 2009

Trump protest in San Diego, CA - May 27, 2016

A very old report on a really sleazy Microsoft dodge

4K drone video (legal) of Fish Canyon fire in CA (unedited)

Hillary's phone bank servers open by design, no hack needed 


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