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Previous NB 4 GOP Classes and Supplemental Videos

Our previous Nationbuilder classes for GOP counties and GOP civic groups.   Please use the social media buttons at the bottom of this page to let others know about our free instructional offering for using NB for GOP/conservative causes.

videa.pop.icon.pngVideos below are ordered most recent first.  Be sure to use the square icon (example at right) in lower right of the video to pop the video to full screen - our HD videos do share considerable small detail.

NB4GOP 3/15/2018 We review tech headlines of interest, take a look at using to clean your email list, study VERY quickly programming on the bare metal in NB (real HTNL/CSS/js) using custom Themes, a look at a new editor in Wordpress, and some security tools!

NB4GOP 3/8/2018 Images, Links and more... we take a quick look at images and links, and what to LOOK OUT for if you do not want your email flagged as SCAM (much worse than SPAM).


NB4GOP 2/22/2018 More on Phone Banking and Search Filters - we didn't cover everything last week, so tonight we offered even more - how to decide which voters you'll export from NB for upload to Callfire - different scenarios and solutions presented.  

NB4GOP 2/15/2018 We learn about searching for the right people and phone banks. Join us every Thursday at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern 

NB4GOP 2/8/2018 Effective Mass Emails - we review quickly our landing zone for digital activists and then go into effective mass emails in deep detail. 

Specific Resources to provide  for digital activism - the how and why!

Merging Duplicates in Nationbuilder: Entirely subjective!  As digital folk, we tend to have 'orderly minds' and want to bring order to our database.  For a large database that includes voter data, I encourage a bit of resistance to this tendency without some 'insider info' to resolve duplicates.  The important question to ask is 'even IF these two records ARE the same person, what is the actual harm in having two records?'  Whenever you merge records, NB always saves 'the second' of the most important things like email address and phone number (up to 4 of each); you almost never lose important information that you want to keep.

Digital Platform Deployment and operation.  On Jan 25, 2018 we talk about deploying any digital platform, not just NB, and what it's going to take to prepare, deploy, and 'turn the crank' to recruit and deploy both digital and 'real world' political activists.

In this session for Jan 18, 2018, we look at what can get your mass email marked as a SCAM in many email readers and other measures to keep you out of the SPAM folder when people get your mass email.

Then we take a look at NB Themes and how to control appearance of your site by starting with a public theme, saving it as a custom theme, and customizing it from there.

NB 4 GOP Nationbuilder training is LIVE every Thursday at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern. We do take questions in each session, so join us live every week.

GOP 4 NB Supplemental Lesson Part 1: We get an official voter file from a rural county clerk and it's not well put together - requires some repair before we can import it into a 'real' database like Postgres so we can query the DB for things like party, extract emails, etc.   You may wish to hover in the lower right and find the 'full screen' icon to view this video at full screen.

GOP 4 NB Supplemental Lesson Part 2: We have installed the voter data into Postgres DB and query for emails, writing the result to a .csv export file - we then upload that file to to clean out the bad email addresses.   You may wish to hover in the lower right and find the 'full screen' icon to view this video at full screen.

In our inaugural class for Jan 4, 2018, we discuss calendars and events and advanced ideas related to both; then we move on to some mass email metrics and ideas for making your email work better and more professionally.



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