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GOP counties have all the fun.  Their work, unlike most campaigns, is never over on election day!

Ron's job wasn't over on election day either, as he had to spend over 2.5 years working at it when he was National Digital Director for the Draft Carson campaign.  Over that two and a half years of campaigning, we learned (and taught) each other a lot about using Nationbuilder to its very best advantage.  How did we teach over 1,900 people to use Nationbuilder so effectively and so quickly?  Weekly video-conferences just like we are offering below - every week starting the first week of 2018.   

Every Thursday at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern, just click the 'Join Meeting' button below to join in the Nationbuilder training structured just for GOP counties.  If you want email reminders of class or want to be advised of schedule changes/supplemental classes, please join this email list (for classes only).

Join GOP Tech Week TV now.

(be sure to click the big green 'Join Meeting' button on the following page - allow time for the sfwr to install if you don't have the sfwr already!)
Audio only: call (605) 472-5373 at meeting time.

Joining by phone browser or tablet: click the button above early (5-10 minutes before call) to allow the app to install on your phone/tablet.  Joining can be 'a little slow' so please allow a bit of time for your computer or tablet or phone to 'catch up'.  You will need to tap 'Install' and tap to approve permissions before the video-conference app can install on your device.  You may need to reboot your phone or tablet after installing the app to join the meeting.

Even if your county committee is merely considering using Nationbuilder, your people are welcome in this class so you can assess just how well NB will suit your needs.  Twenty minutes of every class are always devoted to a Q&A free-for-all and any question about NB is welcome.  We will either answer and illustrate the answers to your questions on the spot, or we will prepare future lessons to answer them if they require more time.

Training is led by a team of the nation's foremost NB experts for GOP causes:  Ron Robinson, former National Digital Director for the Draft Carson campaign which raised over $26 million and recruited over 40,000 active, conservative volunteers in a two-and-a-half year effort.

Syllabus and lesson plan ideas?  Just type them in the comments below, or email them to 

NB 4 GOP Google Group
Click 'Apply for membership' at this link or in the embed below to join, and we recommend that you set the Email delivery preference in the short membership form to 'Notify me for every new message' as traffic in the group is currently very low.  This is the best way to stay in touch with other NB students/teachers during the week.  

Be sure to like and share this page using the buttons below so other GOP counties and civic orgs find out about this great NB training too! 

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