Security/Privacy Tip #3: Offshore Email & Yandex

Having offshore email and using an 'offshore' browser could make you a lot safer with regard to both security and privacy.

My personal pick is Yandex.  That's the Russian form of Google (although they are traded on the NASDAQ)


Consider for a moment: there is currently a big, BIG and official investigation underway around 'collusion' in the last election.

Collusion is not a crime.   Yet, many senior and even mid-level officials from recent campaigns are losing (or have already lost) their entire retirement savings to legal fees as they retain lawyers to protect them.  The process, as they say, is the punishment.  No conviction is required to 'punish' and ruin an innocent individual.

Thus it might become wise for some conservative activists to consider establishing some of their email (your 'alternate email box') offshore where a US subpoena would not be very umm... useful.

Just as Google is designed primarily for American audiences because it's a US service, so Yandex is designed primarity for Russian/European audiences, so your demographic and behavior info is not quite as useful to Yandex advertisers as it is to US advertisers.  You are a much smaller target for advertising and the requisite privacy invasions. 

The Yandex browser is a very nice browser too and definitely qualifies as a strong candidate to become your default browser.  

See the video for the complete story.

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